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Boeing and Aerion announce Supersonic partnership

Boeing News

Feb 6th 2019

With Boeing today announcing a partnership with Aerion Corp it appears that Aerion has replaced its prior agreement with Lockheed Martin.

As part of the announcement Robert Bass is apparently stepping aside and Boeing is taking two places in the new board. 

These will be taken by Mike Sinnett who is in charge of future plane development and by Ken Shaw, who is in charge of Boeing Global Services.

The 12-seat AS2 supersonic jet is projected to fly at Mach 1.5.

This announcement follows the news that the 55 seat Boom Supersonic closed $100M in Series B financing. 

Previously, Boeing was interested in supersonic fight in the 1960's but the Boeing 2707, was cancelled in 1971. The remnants of the Boeing 2707 are now on display at San Carlos Hiller Aviation Museum.