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Jason Unsworth Attempts Acquisition of Jet Airways

Jason Unsworth CEO and Founder of Atmosphere Intercontinental Airlines

Apr 30th 2019

Jason Unsworth the CEO and Founder of Atmosphere Intercontinental Airlines UK has made important announcement: Present situation to acquire Jet Airways: we have 2 MOU’s in place for $ Billion USD with My World Ventures and Future Trend Capital, with different offers and inquiries coming in, we must reach a minimum of $1.2 Billion to then arrange a meeting with Mr Rajnish Kumar of the State Bank of India to be able to negotiate the share control of the airline over to our consortium & Atmosphere Intercontinental Airlines UK/Thai hashtag#jetairways So still around 200 millions $ are missing. More Investors are really welcome to get in touch. Reuters report India's Yes Bank shares sink as Jet Airways exposure hurts. Gross slippages, or accumulation of fresh bad loans, came in at 34.81 billion rupees ($498.6 million) in the quarter ended March 31, Yes Bank said. Of that, 5.52 billion rupees were on account of exposure to an airline, the bank said without naming the carrie. Some more very important announcement are coming today- stay with US.