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Are Trumps Distractions Helping US Aviation Companies?

Jan 6th 2019

Trump's desire to create a stronger US manufacturing base is desirable. However, aTrade War can have unintended consequences.

Trade is simple. First, buy in resources at a cheap price; then create something more valuable from the parts. The you sell it to the rest of the world, it then impacts the trade balance of the country.

In the US aircraft manufacturers create a product that is very difficult to replicate. 

Airbus Sales

Feb 12th 2018

Airbus last year sold 1,109 aircraft worth up to $61.5 Billion, with most of the sales being narrow body aircraft.

So it is interesting that this week that after the apparent smooth sale of 20 Airbus 380s, issues are now appearing with the Pratt-powered jets continue to surface.

As yet no reason has been given for the delays.

Image is the copyright Airbus

Lufthansa Reveal New Livery

Well, its finally here. Lufthansa's new livery might not be to everyones tastes, but it is a design that does work, a fact that is amply proven by so many airlines choosing the exact same color schemes.

I am not sure if it is my imagination just working overtime, but my immediate impression is this color scheme is just too similar, to that used by Alaska Airlines; and that is my problem with this specific livery.