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Aircraft Companies

Boeing and Aerion announce Supersonic partnership

Feb 6th 2019

With Boeing today announcing a partnership with Aerion Corp it appears that Aerion has replaced its prior agreement with Lockheed Martin.

As part of the announcement Robert Bass is apparently stepping aside and Boeing is taking two places in the new board. 

These will be taken by Mike Sinnett who is in charge of future plane development and by Ken Shaw, who is in charge of Boeing Global Services.

The 12-seat AS2 supersonic jet is projected to fly at Mach 1.5.

Egan Airships looking to develop PLIMP

Jan 9th 2019

After self financing the initial development of the PLIMP a hybrid plane-airship, Egan Airships.

According to Egan Airships the PLIMP should be capable of flying at 80 mph for more than 5 hours, which could make the craft ideal for agricultural use and tourism.

The primary feature being touted is the craft should be extremely safe.

Currently Egan Airships is looking for customers to help finance the development of the craft. 


Potential Apollo Bid for GE’s Jet Leasing Business

Jan 7th 2019

Though no official press release has been made by Apollo or GE, there is now talk that Apollo may offer up to $40 billion for GE's jet-leasing business.

Current predictions suggest the global market for jet-leasing is expected to grow to $62 billion by 2023.

With new airport construction and increasing wages in many countries there has been a substantial increase in the number of people who are able to travel to international destinations.

The Future of Drones

January 6th 2019

It seems that it was not so long ago that the sky was the limit for drone companies.

Sales to the public were growing rapidly, and many companies were looking to develop commercial drones for delivering packages. 

Now drones are no longer seen positively, and the recent news is both Gatwick and Heathrow are investing in a new anti-drone system, in response to the rogue drones that appeared recently near Gatwick airport.

These news stories appears to have only hardened the public perception that drones are dangerous.

Car in Space

OK, we are not a space exploration blog, but whats not to like about a red sports car in space.

We're just wondering how many free miles towing Elon Musk gets if it breaks down?